Tad is an environmental and systems engineer who specialises in strategic planning. In addition, Tad holds a PhD which deals with integrated systems analysis (ISA) to be used in the development of decision support systems (DSS). Tad's expertise is focused on modelling for sustainable systems and sustainable living. Tad's special interests are related to the behaviur and performance of integrated output systems.

website: tadsoroczynski.com

(amended: 5 May 2023)

Tad Soroczynski (PhD)


·      MScEng – Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

·      PhD – University of New England (Australia)


Soroczynski, T. 1986, Regional Water and Land Use and Development, in Darwin Region Future Land Use and Water Supply

Seminar, 21 November 1986, Water Division, Department of Transport and Works and Planning Branch Department of Lands, Darwin.

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Soroczynski, T. (2022a). Modelling of Human Activities on Planetary Systems for Sustainable Living. In: Leal Filho, W. (eds) Handbook of Human and Planetary Health. Climate Change Management. Springer, Cham.


Soroczynski (2022). Submission to the UHCCC meeting to be held in November 2022 - management of planetary systems including climate as sustainable systems for sustainable living .


100 papers to Accelerate Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” to be published in 2024-2025:


The following my papers have been accepted to this publication:

Modelling of human activities on planetary systems for sustainable living (Soroczynski (2022)


Award of Excellence, for the plan for the future development of Warsaw and 30 surrounding towns, 1969, Poland, (Ministry of Building Industries) (multidisciplinary co-operation - member of the team)

Highly commended in Master of Technology Award for the project of regional sewage treatment plant for the Municipality of Pruszkow, 1973, Poland.

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